From Hour Administration to Invoice

Let your employees keep track of their project hours easily. With just a single click generate highly specified invoices from logged hours. It is time to stop using Excel!

We firmly believe you should only pay for software when you are fully convinced of its value. The best way to ensure that Hourbook is the best fit for your organization is through our free account.

This is a risk free account:

  • You can cancel your account at any time.
  • Free accounts will never convert into subscriptions automatically, your permission is required at all times.
  • After having registered we will set up your environment immediately.

 Invoice management

Quickly generate high quality PDF invoices based on the hour administrations of your employees. Directly send them to your customers and keep track of your invoices.

 Missing hours reminder

Employees will receive a reminder email when they forget to enter their hour administration. This email contains the date and the number of hours that need to be entered. Don't miss any revenue!

 Payment reminders

Payment reminders are automatically sent with the invoice attached. Optionally, payment fines can be added automatically to the invoice.

 Custom invoices

Of course not every invoice is based on the hour administrations. Create custom invoices which are bound to a project or not. Show declarable and not declarable items on the invoices, order invoice items and show invoice amounts on the fly.

 Repeating invoices

Automatically generate invoices after the specified number of days, weeks or months.


Hourbook has been built with security in mind, taking security much further than simply using https. Completely separated environments with their own code base, database and processes and two factor authentication are just some of the measures.

 Private hosting

Do you want the run Hourbook on your own server? No problem, we will help you with the installation and updating of the code.


Are you missing functionality or has your organization got special wishes? Hourbook has been built in way it can be extended easily.


Easily adjust the contents of your emails and add signatures with embedded images with a few clicks.